About Mississippi Tank Company

Mississippi Tank Company, a major supplier of custom fabricated pressure vessels for the Petro-Chem Industries and of LPG/NH3 storage tanks and transport trailers, was founded in 1945.

The first type of tanks that were designed and built were residential LPG Storage tanks called domestic tanks. Large capacity LPG storage tanks were being built in 1950, home delivery units by 1952 and transport trailers by 1953.

Land was acquired at our present location with production starting in 1954. Demand for our products continued, resulting in several changes and additions to this location over the next few years.

In 1967, after approximately four (4) years of preparation and sales effort, we sold our first custom vessel to Hudson
Engineering Company. The domestic tanks were dropped in 1972 and delivery units dropped in 1973 from our equipment line, allowing more space for production of custom vessels.

Throughout the 1970’s MTC was recognized as a major supplier of LPG/NH3 storage tanks and transport trailers and custom vessels had become a significant portion of our production. During the 1970’s MTC built more utility size Feedwater Deaerating Heater/Storage tanks than any other company, perhaps more than all other companies combined.

In April 2007. the Company expanded the business by acquiring Midwest Tankworks in Vincennes, Indiana. Midwest Tankworks was a local business established in 1995 that specialized in tank repairs and refurbishments. We have continued to operate that facility as the Vincennes, Indiana Division of Mississippi Tank Company. The facility has been expanded since then to include finished transport trailers and light fabrication such as bobtail barrel stretching.